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We get it. Whether your business consists of 5 employees or 500, there are certain things you should not have to worry about. Like your Internet connection. You’ve got a business to run. Continuous Internet hassles mean lost productivity and frustrated employees.

Businesses are migrating many of their key business applications to the “cloud”, creating the need for uninterrupted access to online CRM, ERP or basic office functions.  Having sufficient cost-effective bandwidth for peak usage times is a necessity.  The e-vergent network is ideally suited to guarantee access through its 100% diverse to the wired infrastructure and bandwidth scalable architecture. Coupled with minimal build out costs, e-vergent Business Internet means that our customers have access to plenty of affordable bandwidth when they need it. Your Internet shouldn’t cause you anxiety, wondering if your team can:

  • Securely and dependably access the internet.
  • Maintain fluid communications across digital platforms.
  • Successfully transfer large amounts of data.
  • Effectively stream audio and video.

As Fast as Fiber, for a Fraction of the Cost.

E-vergent Business Internet guarantees comparable speeds and comparable access to fiber optic providers. With one very important difference.  Price. Our service is not limited to T1, DS3, or other traditional speeds. You do not need to purchase more bandwidth than you need just to justify a fiber build to get away from copper delivery mechanisms that give poor reliability. Bandwidth is scalable in 1 Mbps increments. This means you can achieve the high level of service previously available only to the largest enterprises.

e-vergent general coverage map

Coverage Map for e-vergent Business Internet in the
Milwaukee-Chicago corridor.

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Fiber optic installation is expensive, intrusive and time consuming. It requires costly cable laying, wiring and lengthy digging of underground conduits, bogging down your business’ daily operations for extended periods of time. Your business’ time and money are too valuable for an expensive fiber optic disruption.

Installing e-vergent Business Internet is cost-effective, straight forward and seamless. Our experienced engineering team communicates with you throughout the entire installation process, so there are no surprises. No setbacks. We deliver with less than 5 minutes of circuit downtime per year.

Interested in augmenting your existing fiber optic service with wireless? We can do that too. With 80 towers across the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor, e-vergent provides consistent, high-speed broadband internet, so your business is always open. Wireless is a cost effective way to guarantee diversity from the wired infrastructure.

Dedicated Internet Access 24/7/365

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) paired with true business class service. Our e-vergent Business Internet plans provide point-to-point wireless connections, backed by 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreements (SLA), 24/7/365 monitoring and superior speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 1Gbps. Power your network infrastructure by choosing the bandwidth your business needs. That’s great commercial internet.

Dedicated Bandwidth with e-vergent
5 min
5 minutes or less of downtime per year.
99.999% Uptime Service Level Agreement.
1 Gbps
Choose any bandwidth up to 1 Gbps.
4 hrs
That’s the longest it will ever take for repairs.
Your network is always monitored.
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What Does a Typical Installation Look Like?

What does a typical installation look like? First of all an e-vergent field technician will come out to your location to determine where and how to mount an antenna on the exterior of your building – typically this means the roof. We work with you or your building’s management and riser management, if you have those services, to make sure it’s done to the necessary specifications.

Ultimately we need to put an antenna on the exterior of the building and connect a wire between the rooftop antenna and your networking equipment. Depending on the equipment deployed we will be running an outdoor UV rated Ethernet cable or the highest bandwidth services may require a ¼” coaxial cable. All in all installation is simple and straight-forward. We’ll never surprise you with a hidden charge.

Local Company. Local Support. Local Service.

Try as we might to avoid it, things do break and require service. As a local company, devoted to our local business community, we are committed to getting you back in business as quickly as possible. Our 4 hour repair resolution policy means necessary repairs will never take longer than 4 hours. Unlike national providers, there are no hoops to jump through. We just fix the problem.

We actively monitor our network infrastructure and SLA customer connections, anticipating and addressing problems before they affect your business. If your business experiences a problem, our local service team has full access into our routers and network equipment to quickly evaluate your situation. During off-hours, a highly trained 1st level support center manages service challenges 24/7.

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