Residential Managed WIFI Service

The residential managed WIFI router service from e-vergent includes one router for your home. We take care of configuring and optimizing your router and network. We can determine devices that have weak signals to the router and suggest an ideal placement location of the router in your home. In extreme cases two routers may be required for larger homes.

With e-vergent’s managed router service we take all the responsibility for the router’s configuration, speed, working hardware, and general operation off your hands. You can rest easy that your Internet will be working. Most routers are consumer grade devices that you would purchase from a big-box retailer, bring it home, configure and install. Perfect configuration is rarely easy. Our manged router extends e-vergent’s responsibility from the outdoor radio to the indoor WIFI router. These devices fail from time to time. Many e-vergent customers are not comfortable or familiar with configuring and troubleshooting routers when things do not work. That’s where we come in.

With our managed router service our skilled technicians will configure your WIFI, making sure it is installed properly for you. If you have service concerns and call into our support center, our technicians can log into our cloud management system and diagnose the issue remotely. This makes resolving speed issues and intermittent connectivity faster and easier.

Residential Router from e-vergent

Business class router included. Meaning fewer reboots, greater speed and an overall better experience.

Sign up today and when you’re experiencing issues, simply give us a call. We will be able to diagnose and repair the issue remotely. If the issue cannot be repaired we’ll replace your hardware free of charge. Stop worrying about your WIFI network. Sign up for residential managed WIFI router service and always have the experts on hand.


For $9.95/month you will receive on-demand support for your home WIFI network, a business class router and a high functioning home Internet installation.

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