Providing Customized Internet Solutions to Your Area

e-vergent can run fiber to the home or establish fixed wireless to underserved communities in need of a better high-speed internet experience.

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e-vergent…Imagine High Speed Internet In Your Community

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What is Fiber to the Home?

Fiber to the home (FTTH) refers to fiber optic cable broadband connections that are more efficient than traditional copper connections. e-vergent has the ability to create trenches and run fiber to areas in need of a better internet solution. If you’re looking for high speed internet access in an area that has few options, e-vergent could have the perfect solution.

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Manage MDU Communication

Owners and managers of condos and multi tenant buildings will want to partner with e-vergent. We can bring consistent high-speed internet to your tenants, which is an added benefit that could help you sell more units.

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e-vergent Gives Back

e-vergent cares about the communities we serve. We’re not just about business. Our people volunteer at our local schools, churches and municipalities. Whether helping a nearby school with internet access during COVID or bringing a better solution to a neighborhood that desperately needs a better option, e-vergent is happy to serve our community because we are members of that community.