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e-vergent provides the best options for high speed internet and managed WiFi. Browse, stream, work, learn or game where and when you need. Whatever your situation, we have an answer that will change your world for the better. Scroll down to view our competitive wireless plans.

Why are Your Neighbors So Happy with e-vergent?

e-vergent Wireless VideoWhy e-vergent Wireless?

We encourage you to watch this 2-minute video which answers questions many people have about e-vergent and our fixed wireless service offering.

To order or upgrade, click on the button below to start the process or give us a call at 888-782-1454. It’s that simple. Then one of our team members will call you to discuss your options and schedule your installation. All service is contingent and you are under no obligation until service is successfully installed.

Wisconsin Counties: Racine, Kenosha, Walworth

Illinois Counties: Lake, McHenry, Boone, Dekalb, Kane, Dupage, and Cook

e-vergent coverage map

Needs vary depending on how you use your connection. We recommend 10Mbps of download speed for each active person using our service. To simplify without the technical details, this will let each person simultaneously stream a Netflix HD or similar video stream at the same time. For example, we would recommend a family of four to subscribe to at least a 40Mbps connection.

Note: 4k video streaming typically requires at least 25Mbps per video stream.

All of e-vergent’s plans have true unmetered, unlimited data that doesn’t slow down or limit you like some competitors’ networks do when you use them too much. Our service is wireless, NOT satellite. It performs at a much higher level than satellite and from a usability standpoint performs much like a wired connection. e-vergent’s network supports things like social media and website browsing as well as real time applications that have little tolerance for delay or latency (such as VPN, work from home, remote learning, video conferencing, Voice over IP, online gaming, etc).

You can learn more about this on our about us page, but in short we take the quality of our network, excellence in customer service and your overall customer care experience very seriously. Through our partnerships in local data centers in Milwaukee and Chicago we have established connectivity to the major streaming services and content providers such as Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, AWS, Azure and many others. This means there is local oversight into the connectivity between these major destinations vs relying on the general internet to keep these pipes congestion free. e-vergent expects to actually deliver our service plan speeds even at peak usage times. We’re also proud to have local employees who care about providing awesome service to the neighborhoods they represent.

e-vergent makes a significant investment when we commit to build a network.  We take out contracts with 3rd party vendors and provide high-quality jobs for our employees.  This translates to a high level of service to our valued customers. In order to deliver the high-level services that we promise, we ask that you stick with us for a period of time that makes sense. If for some reason we’re not delivering the service speed or reliability that you expect, we welcome you to call our technical support team. They’ll be happy to help diagnose the issue and resolve it with a service call (if necessary) or by upgrading the network. We cannot solve an issue we do not know about and especially in the case of WIFI issues we need your cooperation to resolve.  We are ready willing and able to help should you have an issue.  In some cases, we let customers out of contracts without penalty but there needs to be a demonstrated effort and willingness to resolve issues when they arise.  E-vergent is committed to offering a quality service.

We encourage people to read through our reviews on Google and Facebook. You will find that we are exceptionally good at what we do, and our customer care is exemplary. e-vergent values our customers and does everything we can to keep our promises and deliver great service.

A radio is typically mounted on your roof, similar in concept to what you’d see with a satellite tv installation. The way our service performs is much better than satellite, but the physical footprint is very similar. The device on the roof is connected to a CAT5 wire which runs into the house and is connected to your WiFi router. Installations are usually scheduled for two hour blocks of time starting at 9AM, 12:30PM or 2PM Monday through Friday. No appointment slots are available on Saturday or Sunday. Someone over the age of 18 is required to be present for the duration of the installation.

e-vergent standard install

pole mount installationFixed wireless requires a clear unobstructed view of our tower from your location. In some cases, usually due to trees, we cannot see one of our towers from the rooftop. However, we CAN see one from somewhere else on the property. In that case we can set a post in the yard to mount the radio where it has a clear view of the tower. This location can be up to 300’ from the WIFI router. We use a burial grade CAT5 wire that can be trenched by you, or by us for an additional fee. The use of a pole mount is 100% your decision. If you choose this or another alternative installation an e-vergent technician will be able to talk you through all the unique aspects of the situation. Alternative installations such as pole mounts are the minority, but our experienced team is very comfortable with using these methods where needed.

e-vergent routerWe include a managed WiFi router with all service plans. Most customers who have very few wired devices, demand WiFi to work exceptionally well and cannot distinguish between Internet issues and WiFi issues. We solve this by supplying a high quality, fully supported WiFi router. Quality WiFi connectivity is important and is enhanced with our robust router. In some cases larger homes may require additional, integrated mesh units. For a nominal monthly fee, we can provide ubiquitous WiFi coverage inside even the largest homes. During the installation our technicians will take signal strength readings to make sure you have adequate WiFi coverage in your home. The faster the service is, the better your WiFi signal strength for each device needs to be. e-vergent feels there is more to a quality experience than dropping a single router in an arbitrary location in your home and moving on.

Experience phone appThe e-vergent experience is an application that runs on the e-vergent managed router. For a small monthly fee you can access this app from any smart device. It provides three main things:  prioritization of devices of your choosing, a security component that adds firewall-like features to protect your devices from threats, and application-level & parental controls where you can set restrictions or time limitations on specific applications or devices. This service option has proven to be very popular with those who work from home or have security concerns for their school-age children.

We do not offer TV service directly. That said, a high majority of our customers stream video content over our Internet service. There are streaming options for live broadcast and network TV as well as video libraries from companies like Netflix, HBO, or Disney. You can find technical bandwidth specs on each service’s website for HD or UHD quality. We also have bandwidth recommendations in another section on this page. Many TVs have built-in apps to directly talk to streaming services. If your TV doesn’t have built-in options you can look into purchasing a device such as a Roku stick or Roku Ultra. These devices connect to your TV and your home’s WIFI and allow you to stream service where you otherwise couldn’t. https://www.roku.com/

The list below is not an exhaustive list and any internet-based streaming service will function on e-vergent’s internet service, but these are the most popular options to get you started. Due to pricing changes and content lineups, we don’t get into a ton of detail on each service but hopefully, this gives you a place to start researching what streaming service(s) might work best for you.

Live TV:

Individual Services:

The vast majority of our customers are owners of single-family homes. If you are renting a home we will need landlord/owner approval to proceed with the installation. Apartment complexes with many individual units present some challenges. These are not technical hurdles, but the management company is unlikely to allow us to install a receiver antenna for each unit that requests service on the exterior of the building and runs a wire into each unit. If you are in an apartment complex, inquire with your management office about Internet options. If they would like to make e-vergent available to all tenants with a low-impact clean installation, they can call the e-vergent sales office to discuss options.