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e-vergent provides the best options for your situation. We offer high speed internet and managed WiFi to make sure you can browse, stream, work, learn or game where and when you need. Whatever your situation, we have an answer that will change your world for the better.

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Shield Your Family From Malicious Activity

e-vergent Experience is our affordable WiFi application and device management addon that acts as a built-in security guard. Protect your children by dictating what they can view, when or how long they can view it and what device(s) they can use. Our Android/Apple app allows you to prioritize activities (work, gaming, streaming) and deactivate service to specific devices. Call us at 888.782.1454 and ask about our special limited-time promotional offer.

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Add Our Nationwide Phone Service

With VoIP, you can leverage your current internet service to increase efficiency with a feature rich platform while enjoying reduced costs. And by bundling your phone service with your internet service you’ll consolidate bills. With VoIP, e-vergent will make sure you’re voice communication capabilities can be counted on!

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Expand Your Home’s WiFi Coverage

Every package comes with a fully managed WiFi router. We realize some of our customers may need to expand coverage to a larger area of their home or property. You can give your WiFi a boost! e-vergent can customize a package that is sure to satisfy whatever your internet needs are. Browse, stream, game, work and learn to your heart’s desire. One of our knowledgeable team members will guide you toward the most logical plan that can keep the whole gang happy.

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