How Privately-Owned e-vergent Differs From The Big Cable And Phone Companies

e-vergent is a locally-owned and operated business. Our integrity and core values push us to work hard for your satisfaction. We take pride in going the extra mile to provide a first-class high speed internet and VoIP experience. By teaming up with our customers, we can gather and document important details that might otherwise get missed. Our people are familiar with and care about the neighborhoods we serve. We customize solutions to fit your residential and/or business needs.

Quality Of Experience

At e-vergent, delivering the best Quality of Experience (QoE) is priority number one. Unlike some ISPs, we go much beyond just talking about QoE. We believe in using modern networking tools and approaches that help us objectively measure the QoE we deliver to you and optimize our network to deliver the best possible internet experience.

Bandwidth And Speed

Traditional ISPs use bandwidth control tools that throttle or limit your use of specific applications (like streaming video or games or even give priority to a speedtest so it always looks good), we ensure no such arbitrary limits are put on your connection. How you use your internet connection is up to you.

What we care about the most is ensuring that if you use all your bandwidth speed (max your connection), your internet performs at optimal efficiency. We accomplish this by using an advanced QoE platform that optimizes your connection. This allows small and interactive applications like browsing, Skype calls, and online games to continue to feel fast (without any lag) even when you’re watching Netflix or downloading a device update.

So, if your kids are watching Netflix during peak hours and you have an important Skype call to make or internet browsing to do, your connection won’t feel slow and all applications will play nicely alongside each other.

Fiber And Connectivity

Another important part of QoE is a fiber rich backbone with good data center connectivity and private network inter-connects to the major content sources. Through our partnerships in local data centers in Milwaukee and Chicago we have established connectivity to the major streaming services and content providers such as Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, AWS, Azure and many others.  This means there is local oversight into the connectivity between these major destinations vs relying on the general internet to keep these pipes congestion free.

Use of advanced QoE solutions in our network allows us to proactively fix congested parts of our network – we don’t wait for our customers to complain! We ensure that our network is taken care of at all times. Furthermore, if you contact support to help troubleshoot an issue, we have real-time visibility from our network to your home to figure out the problem fast and accurately.

We strive for happy customers and our proactive approach to running our network using advanced QoE solutions helps us do that.

How e-vergent Came To Be

In 1995 Mike and his son Joe Falaschi opened Wisconsin Internet…a dial-up internet service in Racine, WI. We’ve come a long way since then! In 2001 we evolved into e-vergent and launched our impressive fixed wireless product to provide affordable and dependable technology options to the communities we serve. We’ve adapted with the times and offer a variety of internet and phone packages that will provide your family and/or business with a great communication experience.

Who We Serve

e-vergent’s ever growing internet network includes over 150 towers… spanning Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We also boast a nationwide VoIP/voice platform that your business or residence can leverage to change with the times.

e-vergent…Small Enough To Care. Large Enough to Deliver.

Whether you’re hanging out in the suburbs, prefer rural living or running a business requiring reliable access, e-vergent will bring you top-notch internet and phone products with first-class QoE to back it up. We won’t let you get lost in the shuffle. You matter to us! And when you need us most, we’ll deliver! By calling e-vergent you’ll get a live, knowledgeable professional who’ll treat you like family. He or she will be happy to educate you on choices that will best serve your situation. If you’re truly looking for a value-added partner, you can’t go wrong with e-vergent.