How does e-vergent differ from cable?
At e-vergent, we understand the importance of delivering the best Quality of Experience (QoE) when it comes to your internet service with us. Unlike many other ISPs, we go much beyond just talking about QoE. We believe in using modern networking tools and approaches that help us objectively measure the QoE we deliver to you and optimize our network to deliver the best possible internet experience.

Are there data caps? Will you lower my speed once I exceed a certain amount of data?
Unlike some ISPs that use traditional bandwidth control tools that throttle or limit your use of specific applications (like streaming video or games or even give priority to a speedtest so it always looks good), we ensure no such arbitrary limits are put on your connection. How you use your internet connection is up to you.

Is e-vergent more dependable than satellite when it rains or snows?
Fixed wireless towers, for the most part, stay under storm clouds which allow them a line of site to your modem. This makes your fixed wireless experience a better one since satellite internet is just that…it communicates to a satellite some 20,000 miles away with more opportunities to be affected by interference. Regarding rain fade, fixed wireless antennas typically account for humidity, making them much more reliable during inclement weather.

What is the difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous internet connections?
Synchronous Internet connections use Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits that have the same upload and download speeds. Asynchronous Internet connections are shared and have faster download speeds with lower upload speeds. Asynchronous internet is typically more affordable and a great option for streaming content from service providers like Netflix.

What is a Mesh Router System (Whole Home WiFi) and how does it work?
Mesh WiFi uses a main router (connected to your modem) that sends signals to modules placed in various areas around your house. Unlike traditional WiFi routers, this system conveniently uses one SSID (network name) and password since it’s all part of a single wireless network. A Mesh Router System is great for ensuring a strong signal throughout your entire household.

How does VoIP phone service work?
VoIP is a digital phone service that allows you to leverage your existing internet capabilities and affords you more options and control than what you’d get with a traditional landline. VoIP also allows you to grow with improving technologies.

What is a local area network (point to point)?
A local area network essentially connects 2 or more digital devices by leveraging your company’s existing bandwidth, allowing you to access your files from a remote location.

Do I need to do anything to get my router to work?
e-vergent will install and set up your router, and our knowledgeable technicians will answer any questions you have before they leave.

How long does it take an e-vergent technician to set up my router?
It typically takes less than 2 hours to set up your router.

What is Fiber to the Home?
Fiber to the home (FTTH) refers to fiber optic cable broadband connections that are more efficient than traditional copper connections. e-vergent has the ability to create trenches and run fiber to neighborhoods in need of a better internet solution. If you’re looking for high speed internet access in an area that has few options, e-vergent could have the perfect solution.

Why is my first invoice double the charge?
It’s really not. We give you 30 days to make the initial payment (first month’s bill). After the first month, we bill in advance for that month’s service. So the first bill you receive is actually for your first 2 months of service and the original install.